Creative Music & Piano course

Early Childhood Music Specialist: Mrs. Sissy Tang

B. Edu. in Music, a kind, elegant, patient and experienced teacher, Mrs. Sissy's Piano class provides the excellent music basis for younger students and piano instruction approach through playing, singing, listening, dancing, theory and creating, to encourage children to express themselves.

Piano Playing

Music Reading & Writing

Enriched Music Basis

Musical Games

Joyful adventure

Hand-Eye Coordination

Patience & Experience

Vision & Focus

Singing & Dancing

Ear Training

Creative Music & Piano course

Tailored for little Mozarts ages 3.5 to 7, in this program we teach our students the basics of music and piano. We begin to teach our students proper technique, including fingering , hand position as well as ear training and helping them to establish a practice routine. We also seek to foster both a love for music and create your child's lifelong success: apart from reaching RCM Gr.5, students we motivate our students to and help grow them emotionally. We encourage our students to challenge and express themselves through music. In doing so we hope they may attain:


  1. High IQ+EQ (Emotional Intelligence
  2. Patience & Concentration
  3. Confidence & Poise
  4. Self Motivation & Management Skills
  5. Optimized Learning-Style
  6. Friendship & Social Skills
  7. Self-Expression
  8. Creative Thinking
  9. Multi-tasking skills
  10. Pride in Achievement


Our school also provides performances for the public through open class, concerts, shows, partens' days and festivals to to showcase our students' achievements.

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