About Us: ROyal Piano School

About Us: Royal Piano School

Since our inception in the year 2000, more than 500 students from our school have passed the RCM exam. Many have also won numerous prizes and awards throughout the GTA and even at the National level. Specializing in students between the ages of 3 and 16, we provide a unique, affordable high quality and comprehensive program for learning success.


We take the responsibility of preparing aspiring young artists for the future for the future by imparting a high level of skills and knowledge.

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Creating Your CHild for Life Long Success

At Royal Piano, we place great emphasis on the emotional development of our students through learning of piano; we believe that it is among the greatest rewards of our program. We seek to improve their ability to understand, control and express their emotions.


Learning piano can also, at times, be very difficult. We support our students in overcoming these challenges and teach them to persevere through any hardships that they may encounter along the way. In doing so, we hope to imbue our students with the mentality required to suceed as well as a love for music.


Our school is proud of the team of university class piano teachers that calls our school their home. They have all graduated from Russia, China or North America with over 10 years experience.


Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced. They are kind, patient and encourage students to achieve excellent results

Music Directors

Mr Calvin Tang, Concert Pianist, B. Mus. in China, M. Mus in Piano Performance at the Netherlands and Masterclass in Austria, Honour Award in the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition. Mr. Tang has been involved in Piano Education for years besides being a successful piano performer. After realizing how piano education could greatly benefit a child in areas beyond music training, he decided to found a school to combine piano education with academic learning.

Mrs. Sissy Tang, B. Edu in music, Early Childhood Music Specialist. Mrs. Sissy is an experienced educator specialized in piano teaching as well as early childhood education. She and Mr. Tang together found a unique piano education system which fuels CMA's arts immersion program. Outside the classroom, she is well-received by the parents because of her approachable personality.

Mrs. & Mr. Tang have more than 15 years piano teaching experience and many of their students have won awards in Piano Competitions in the Greater Toronto Area. They have also obtained Government Honorary Certificates from the Mayor & Council of the City of Markham. After you become familiar with them, you'll experience their passion for music, education and life,

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Address: 3882 Highway 7, Unionville, ON L3R 1L3

Phone: (647) 688-6618

Email: info@royalpiano.ca